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Puma Consulting and Coach Vermont Testimonials

Learn how Puma Consulting and Coach has helped many individuals and organizations through some selected testimonials.

“Thank you for your excellent and very professional presentation at our monthly meeting. Our participants seemed to be engaged and pleased with you and your efforts.”

Carroll Collins, Vermont Associates

“Thank you for providing a summary of our session. Your recommendations for future steps to be taken are right on. With appreciation for your efforts, Bill”

“I just wanted to let everyone know how useful yesterday’s workshop on charting responsibilities was with Alice Kitchel. It really helped define our roles, answer questions and further clarify other questions. All in all, it was extremely fulfilling, we’re grateful for Alice’s patience, and we’re also looking forward to next week’s workshop. A huge thank you to the Board and staff for making this happen!”

~ MacKenzie

“The Vermont Humanities Council employed Alice Kitchel to assess issues around Council management and employee job satisfaction. She interviewed the whole staff, made specific action recommendations and provided a written summary. Ms. Kitchel was well received by the staff, completed the job efficiently, effectively and at a reasonable cost. We heartily endorse her organization efforts.”

~ Jim Wilbur, Chair, Vermont Humanities Council

“Puma Consulting and Coaching was a vital part of building my own business.  Though I had a business idea, Alice gave me the confidence and know-how that I needed to turn an idea into more than that.  I especially benefited from our one-on-one coaching sessions that allowed me to look at my skills from a different point of view.  My experience with Alice was excellent, and I highly recommend Puma Consulting and Coach!”

~Amber Roberts, FanfareVT 

Alice helped me–during a time of great upheaval in my life–to draw up a life plan for personal growth.  I had a vague sense of the direction, but I needed someone to guide me along my chosen path.  Alice was truly there for me as my guide and coach.  She stood by me when I got lost and gently pushed me back on the path I had chosen.  She had strong boundaries and respected and trusted me and the path I was on.  She did not GIVE me a plan, but she was there when I needed help and guidance, trusting that I knew what the next steps needed to be.  Thank you Alice!

 ~A Coachee