Integrative Life Coach, Business Consulting & Coaching Throughout Vermont & New England

Services and Skills


My Skills

  • More than 25 years of training in listening skills
  • Training in pattern recognition and analysis
  • Training in systems theory, and group facilitation
  • Training in understanding graphic expression and developing appropriate graphic exercises
  • Training in Leadership skills

I offer the following services:

Methods of Engaging

  • Conduct integrated life coaching conversations
  • Offer workshops and training such as
    • Facilitating transitions
    • Overcoming resistance to change
    • Improving teamwork and corporate culture
    • Creative problem-solving for strategic planning
    • Recognizing difficult clients
    • Integrating multiple ways of personal knowing
  • Facilitate many types of meetings and groups
  • Conduct employee satisfaction interviews
  • Coach small groups

Integrative Life Coaching for Individuals It can be difficult to sort out priorities and figure out why you feel stuck or off course. Using integrative coaching skills, I can focus on improvements in personal, executive, and leadership functions.

The process of coaching includes:

  • Initial deep listening sessions including
    • Mutual understanding of issues to be addressed such as stress management, self-care, wellbeing, time management, and improved relationships
    • Setting goals, frequency, time, location, and number of sessions.
  • In each session we collaboratively
    • Review current situations
    • Find methods of evaluating opportunities and threats
    • Review goals, possibly including journaling or graphic exercises
  • Also, rehearse challenging interactions
  • Conclude with a final meeting, a summary, and suggested next steps

Organizational Change Management Working with people to manage change is one of my specialties. Yet, change is a constant today. The major challenge is usually not changing technology, or changing demands.  The difficulty is the people who must make change happen and the people who have to actually change. Change is difficult. But, today it is always happening. I offer these packages to help people with that process.

Pain Reliever Designed for organizations and groups embarking on or in the midst of a challenging change process

  • Initial, in-depth conversations to understand the issues and context
  • Clear feedback about the issues, suggested approaches
  • Brainstorm possible strategies
  • Together select the optimal way to manage issues, such as a workshop tailored to the particular situation, group exercises, facilitated meetings, and team coaching
  • Execute the chosen process
  • Evaluate that process
  • Propose next steps
  • Report on findings, process of work, evaluation, and suggested next steps

Change Agent Designed for organizations and groups stuck and unable to move forward. (This training package is based on the model developed by Robert Kagan and Lisa Laskow Lahey entitled “Immunity to Change.”)

  • Initial, in-depth conversations to understand the issues and context
  • Each participant on their own  completes an “immunity to change” map
  • Everyone participates in an all day meeting to complete a group “immunity to change” map and select a way to test the group’s assumptions
  • Individual coaching support is available for individual change goals during the time between the group training and the evaluation meeting
  • Meet to evaluate the process and plan next steps
  • Report on findings, process of work, evaluation, and suggested next steps

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