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Awaken the Power Within

Mission: To assist individuals and organizations in clarifying areas of difficulty, deciding the best path forward, and implementing change.

Everyone stumbles, every group goes off course sometimes. When it is time to set things right, Puma Consulting and Coaching can help. Together we will identify the off-ramps that distract you from where you really want to go and we work until we find the alternatives that work for you.

As an integrative life coach, I help you with all aspects of personal development. Together we develop and engage your ways of knowing. We deepen your understanding and strengthen your capacities to improve wellbeing, manage stress, and enhance relationships.

As a consultant, I assist organizations and groups to identify obstacles that hinder performance optimization, corporate culture, and organizational change. Together, we then find the optimal strategies that work best for your organization. I then assist their group in their implementation.

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My Skills I have  25 years of honing my listening skills, behavior recognition, and behavior pattern analysis. In our conversations, I help you identify the underlying patterns of your perceptions and various influences propelling those patterns, and the actions that hold you back. Together, we then develop strategies for you to move forward.

Methods of Engaging

  • Conduct directed integrative life coaching conversations
  • Offer workshops and training such as
    • Facilitating transitions
    • Overcoming resistance to change
    • Improving teamwork and corporate culture
    • Creative problem-solving for strategic planning
    • Recognizing difficult clients
    • Integrating multiple ways of personal knowing
  • Facilitate many types of meetings and groups
  • Conduct employee satisfaction interviews
  • Coach small groups

Integrative Life Coaching for Individuals These are challenging times. There is so much change and many demands on one’s time. On top of that, it is hard to figure out personal goals, needs, and the best way to fit in one’s life. I offer integrative life coaching for personal, executive, and leadership issues to manage these challenges.

Organizational Change Management Working with people to manage change is one of my specialties. Yet, change is a constant today. The major challenge is usually not with changing technology or changing demands, difficult as those are. It is difficulty with the people charged with making changes happen. People often find change difficult. But today it is necessary to embrace change. I offer these packages to help people with that process.

Pain Reliever Designed for organizations and groups embarking on or in the midst of a challenging change process to facilitate positive change.

Change Agent Designed for organizations and groups stuck and unable to move forward to create the optimal way to proceed. (This training package is based on the model developed by Robert Kagan and Lisa Laskow Lahey entitled “Immunity to Change.”)


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